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Muscle Vanishing in Aging Adults

That's a headline you've never read. But, considering the seriousness of the problem, it's one that should be printed on the front page of every newspaper. Without doing the right things (outlined below), the average American who lives an average lifespan will have lost 70% of the muscle tissue in his/her arms and legs. That leads to physical weakness and a gradual, progressive decline in the ability to do the day-to-day activities required to live a full, independent life. In fact, the number one predictor of placement in a nursing home is a lack of leg strength. Walter Bortz II, MD, a professor at the Stanford Medical School says, “If you want to avoid the nursing home, you'd better take good care of your legs.” The reality is, the problem of vanishing muscle is unavoidable. HOWEVER, the key is to minimize the loss.

Let us look at the key ways Welcyon™ helps you do that.

1. Stay physically active. That means doing things such as; walking, housework, yard work, going up and down steps and stairs, and yes, any form of exercise (e.g., aerobic, strength, balance, flexibility). Physical activity causes your body to produce and release hormones called growth factors. Simply said, growth factors send the message to your muscles (and other tissues) that you are dynamic and your muscle is needed. On the other hand, no physical activity indirectly sends the message to your muscles that they're not needed, and they abide by shrinking.

2. Do meaningful strength exercises. The Welcyon™ way provides you the best strategy to slow, stop, and even reverse muscle loss. Welcyon™ provides you the opportunity to actually increase the size of your muscles, regardless of how old you are. Now, you won't develop a physique like a body builder, but if you exercise like your Welcyon™ Fitness Coach instructs you, you will put some of the muscle back onto your body that you've lost. Keep in mind that muscles vanish if you don't use them; never stop being physically active. So, the best way to maintain your muscle is to make strength exercise a regular part of the rest of your life. It is that important.

3. Consume adequate protein. Nutrition and strength exercise research shows that you need enough protein in your daily diet to build and maintain your body's muscles. In fact, it appears that protein is more important as we age. Researchers now recommend that immediately before, or after, a strength exercise workout, consume 1 to 1.5 grams of protein for every 5 pounds of ideal body weight. For example, if someone's ideal body weight is 150 lbs, it is recommended that they eat 30 to 45 grams of protein within minutes of the workout (150/5 = 30; 30 x 1 = 30 and 30 x 1.5 = 45). The easiest calculation is to take ideal body weight, divide it by 5, and eat that many grams of protein, or up to half again as much. Each day, aging adults should eat the number of grams of protein equal to one half their ideal body weight. So, for our 150 lb person example, he/she would eat 75 grams of protein per day.


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