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Build Your Endurance

Being unable to finish a walk, do lawn work or gardening, and play with your grandchildren can diminish your quality of life. Feeling tired or having a lack of energy may be the result of inactivity—so try aerobic exercise!

Regular aerobic exercise increases your ability to take in and use oxygen, which then produces energy. Your heart, lungs, and blood vessels are able to deliver greater amounts of oxygen to your body tissues by getting your heart rate up to at least 50% of your maximum capacity (breaking a light sweat, breathing has increased, and feeling some strain in your muscles). Now, you don't fatigue as quickly and can do the activities you want and need to perform by increasing your stamina. Do what you enjoy. Aerobic exercise, such as walking briskly, bicycling, square dancing, hiking, using a recumbent or step machine, reduces the risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke, diabetes and obesity.

If you find aerobic exercise boring and arduous, research shows that keeping your mind on something else during exercise results in people exercising longer and harder than they would without being preoccupied. Welcyon provides televisions and aerobic exercise machines with simulators to help distract your mind a bit.

Start out by doing this form of exercise three times a week for even ten minutes. You'll begin to reap the health benefits of challenging your heart and stimulating it to grow stronger and more efficient, so you can live a longer and healthier life!


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